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When Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1597, he left us some of his most famous love quotes and a few words that ring as true today as they did then. These are his love quotes, which give us a small glimmer of hope and a reprieve by saying that we are not only the ones who are plagued in our lives by spoiled happiness and evil people, but that love is turbulent is indeed true. After all, it’s about William Shakespeare; he’s the one with the most powerful words in the history of love, isn’t he? [Sources: 3]
This is one of my favourite Shakespeare quotes, but it doesn’t really get the recognition it deserves, so I wrote it down when I was feeling particularly dreamy. [Sources: 2, 3]
This poetic remark comes from Hamlet, the title character, who reminds his friend Horatio of the limits of human knowledge through his notorious melancholy. That in itself sounds like motivational encouragement to get out of your comfort zone, but Laertes is actually serious. [Sources: 2]
In this quotation from Troilus and Cressida, Odysseus tries to convince the warrior Achilles to return from the Trojan War. The Roman ruler may soon die in the play, but by using death as a metaphor, he minimizes the risk of dying, so to speak. Many of us have identified with the idea that we are dying by wasting our lives for fear of an inevitable end. [Sources: 2, 4]
Juliet’s line refers to warring families and the idea that we shouldn’t define who we are as Juliet and Romeo, with the star crossed lovers as stars. [Sources: 4]
Changing what is called something does not change what it is by nature, but instead says that the name given to an object is nothing more than a collection of letters. [Sources: 4]
The quote is from Merry Wives of Windsor and actually refers to Falstaff refusing to lend him money. In his metaphor, Pistol warns that he will open people’s wallets and claim the riches for himself. The world is my oyster “is one sentence, one of many owed to Shakespeare, but today it belongs to the canon of the contemporary lexicon. [Sources: 2]
When the poor cried, Caesar cried, but ambition should make more of everything. Here are Shakespeare’s 15 most popular quotes, a compilation from Time magazine that is examining the most highlighted quotes from the Shakespeare Corpus. Dear Brutus, your guilt does not lie with the stars, but with your subjects, for the men are always the masters of their fate. [Sources: 0]
If you like this quick and easy list, check out ThoughtCo’s top ten. So to help you find the perfect quote, here are some of the best love quotes with modern meaning. This quote expresses the idea that if you experience too much love, you get used to it and are fed up, and then perhaps the agony will unsettle you more. [Sources: 0, 1]
You will only know what true love is if your passion stays the same for a long time. To love someone later, after having known them for a while, is not true love. The object of your attention speaks softly to you, and you speak softly to him or her, but only to yourself. [Sources: 1]
When you are in love, time flies by, but the time you have is never enough, and your lover’s kiss makes you seem unimportant, as if you have cast a love spell. If there is someone who loves you, you can fly through time in no time without wasting a single thought. [Sources: 1]
If you’re inspired to pick up a pen and get on a plane, I’ve compiled a list of love quotes that you can read and think about. Whether delivery or deliberation, be sure to find something for the occasion in the list for your love quote above. [Sources: 1, 2]
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This bizarre sentence comes from the scene in which Camillo advises Florizel and Perdita not to go to an unimaginably remote and dangerous part of the world. If people tell you that it is too remote or too dangerous to travel there, you cannot persuade them not to go. I know what you’re looking for when you see a quote that no one can relate to – but watch out. [Sources: 2, 3]
It’s pretty simple, but if you actually stop to think about it for a second, it’s a quote that’s itself taken out of context. This is because these quotations tend to lose a little of Shakespeare’s love quotes, because the supporting paragraphs that build the tension are not there to set them up. [Sources: 3]

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