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Falling in love is really one of the greatest things that many people experience at the same time in their lives, but it is also the hardest thing. [Sources: 1]
Some are able to live their whole lives, while others go through a series of heartache before finally finding this special person later in life. There are some first loves that are hard to forget, and some that can make you giggle every time you remember that experience. Here is a list of the best First Love quotes that can remind you of your first love and inspire you to fall in love again. [Sources: 1, 5]
Your first love is the one you will remember for the rest of your life, and nothing makes you happier than knowing that you will always remember that phenomenal person. If you’re one of those people who still likes to remember your brush with your first love, let’s first share some of the best love quotes – love quotes that remind you of those favorite memories that will never be forgotten. Love is in the air and your heart jumps as you set out to share it with me. These beautiful first love quotes make me wistfully think back to what I was then, but also realize how far I have come since then. [Sources: 5, 6]
While the love you have developed is something you never want to live without, the things that tear your friends “relationships apart also affect you. [Sources: 6]
Pray that the Holy Spirit of God, in His renewal, will apply these words not only to your heart, but also to your heart. Being in love is an ointment for the wounds of the soul and a medicine for the spirit. May I return to my first love, and may I return to mine, so that I may return to yours with you. [Sources: 2, 6]
We are young people on God’s path, and therefore we can easily return to the first bright spot in our history. It is not so long ago that we would find it very difficult to come to terms with ourselves. If you are Christians, this day is a day that your memory will never forget. [Sources: 2]
For the first time since our Saviour forgave our sins, we had Him, and we were in love. There is a beautiful quote in which the protagonist says: “I was never loved, but I was first. And I will be the last. This first love quote, which doesn’t come much better than this, comes from the American-born author, who has written many acclaimed novels, including Brushstrokes and Gadfly, from which this quote comes. [Sources: 2, 3]
Love in your life makes it worth living, be it being in love with a partner, love of family or friends. First love makes the deal even sweeter and more unique, and love is the way of self – discovery and adventure for you and others. [Sources: 3]
You could write a nice quote in your love letter or just share it with your partner to make you feel special. Here are some enticing first love quotes from Nicholas Kristofferson that you can share with all your loved ones. Share and spread the love of love that only love can offer each other. [Sources: 3]
You don’t suddenly fall in love with someone, you imagine that special person in Eastman colours before you actually get to know them. Surely it’s worth acknowledging and sharing your first love quotes from Nicholas Kristofferson and other great writers and artists. How did it happen that the lovers did not finally meet and fall in love, but that a part of the other was always there in their heads and hearts? [Sources: 3]
When you find your first love, you don’t understand how such strong feelings can be, but they are. [Sources: 4]
You lost countless hours of sleep, thousands of tears and almost your heart, which kept falling for months, but now you get it. The realisation sets in that almost all of us have been in love before, when our first love feels almost like you. If you are lucky, you never lose everything And hopefully you will never become like those who have lost their love. [Sources: 4]
When your first love comes to an end, you feel that you are missing something now, and when it ends, you feel that you have been left out. When it ended, it made you wonder about yourself – about the value and even who you were, but now you know. [Sources: 0]
When your first love ends, you feel like drowning, desperately gasping for air and reaching for help, but the hand you have trusted for so long is the one that puts you under pressure. You acknowledge that your heart shrinks when you shrink back, even if you do not feel that it will shrink, and you adjust to it. Here are the first lovers, when they shrink you back to yourself, it is they who push you, keep you in, under, etc. [Sources: 0]

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