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Curiano Quotes Life Quotes Love Quotes Life Quotes Live Life Quote and Ins

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He was a deadly gunman on the high seas, leading numerous raids on fishing villages, raping 300 females and engaging in looting. He is a common cutthroat in the seven seas and can kill in seven hundred ways, but this is only with hooks and fists, he can sail anywhere on any water and kill everything around him with hooks and fists. [Sources: 1]
You may leave your comments behind, but I have the foresight to know your diabolical anger, and that joke will be on your mind. [Sources: 1]
I have been comprehensively trained in hacking, and there are seven hundred ways to hack into my files, I can be anywhere at any time. I’m going to wipe your shit out with a precision you’ve never seen on the internet. You have behaved completely, created a piece of malware and will use it to the full to wipe your pathetic ass off the face of the World Wide Web, you little shit. Mark my damn words, there’s a file you can hack in seven hundred ways And I’m going to hack it. [Sources: 1]
If I knew the unholy retribution that your little wise comment will bring, I would hold my damn finger in front of your face and kill you with a precision you cannot even comprehend. It’s just a notebook, and I can be anywhere anytime, so I’ll wipe the shit off you by tagging your damn words. [Sources: 1]
If I knew the holy retribution that your little clever utterance will bring, I would hold my fist in your face and kill you with a precision that you cannot even comprehend. I’ve had my hands full with your stupid, stupid words, and I’ve been fully trained to find your name, so I’m going to use it to the full to wipe your wretched ass off this continent, you little shit. [Sources: 1]
The simple tennis game is enough to inspire us in many ways, and take these quotes from some of the game’s greatest legends. In this article, let’s take a look at the lives of some great tennis stars and their remarkable quotes. When you do something good in your life, you want to give it back to others, no matter what. [Sources: 2]
The Lines is about how passionately we love God because we all love Him, outside of ourselves. The apropos discussion of this book is described in “Is Outside of us? [Sources: 0]
This is a tightly packed little book, brimming with Kim Kort’s love for his films and giving way to a discussion about how our fellow human beings should model God’s love for us and how we should all model his love for us. As a gay and lesbian accepted in the wider ecclesial community, it seems to me that this book is not only a tome written by a cisgendered individual, but that the author, Mihee Kim, is also personally fluent in the definition, being of South Korean descent. [Sources: 0]
Outside Lines seems to be a bit of everything and everyone, but in a way it can’t decide what it actually says. The book repeatedly recounts how purity culture is a racist, xenophobic sham, and repeats that queerness is anything outside the mainstream norm, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or otherwise. [Sources: 0]
This is the kind of tome I want to give a gay pastor to read to get his opinion, and then have a bit of a discussion. Perhaps the book is intended for those who have experienced hardship and abuse in the Church or are afraid to be themselves. For this reason, I wonder whether a second airing of this book would be crucial to really get to what it says. [Sources: 0]
The second part of the book, which deals with the evolving role of marriage, is informative, but essentially tells us that it is fine if we simply find a way to be friends with members of the “fair sex.” This section got me excited because Kim Kort spoke earlier in this book about how we build our bodies for pleasure. [Sources: 0]
Sometimes I wish I could be a little more relaxed, but then we wouldn’t all play the same player and I’m sure we all wish we could. [Sources: 2]
Of course you have to have physical ability, but you can’t play good tennis and be a good thinker. I’m just trying to stay positive and focus on my tennis and not let crazy questions get to me. In tennis, if you stay for two weeks or just three days, you lose your rhythm. [Sources: 2]
The depressing thing about tennis is, no matter how good you are, you are always as good as a wall. You have to stay in there and make sure you play at that level with all possible strengths and experiences. People say you win matches when you don’t play well, but I’m always happy to say I’ve won some matches. [Sources: 2]

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