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That’s what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you’re not so lovable. — Deb Caletti | Quote about loving someone through the good times and the bad. Loving someone so completely. True love and deep love with your wife, husband, partner, children. #truelove #lovequotes

Unconditional Love Quotes

The greatest gift we can give each other is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. What constitutes the core of love is giving and not expecting anything in return, it is what we give back to ourselves. [Sources: 3, 6]

The truth is that our love is not determined by the one we love or want to love, but by ourselves. Love is the greatest gift we have and I think it is one of the reasons why we all do what we do. It is so unconditional, and the fact that we fall in love unconditionally, no matter the circumstances or circumstances of our lives, is just such a thing. [Sources: 5, 6, 7]

No matter how old we get, the bliss of unconditional love never diminishes, no matter what the circumstances. To capture this joy, I have brought you 50 unconditional love quotes to make you love your loved ones unconditionally. [Sources: 7]

These unconditional love quotes have been specially selected for men of all ages and sexualities. When a love life is pure in all its forms, it remains strong and resistant, no matter what the circumstances. [Sources: 0, 7]

These love quotes are for men who have been showered with affection and love by another man. Maybe you are in love with a certain man in your life and want to show him how much you care about him. [Sources: 0]

Learn all the different quotes that are available to you and write them down somewhere, and your partner will see it and be thrilled with the feeling. [Sources: 0]

Togetherness is so crucial in any relationship, and these love quotes can make it even more special. Unconditional love quote is a specially chosen love quote for a woman you love sincerely. By showing your love by sharing this love, you will make it feel valued, even if it is not aware of it. [Sources: 0]

Love has nothing to do with what one expects of one, but with what one expects of one, and that is all. Perhaps you can share this with your partner and you will find one that stands out from the others. [Sources: 0, 5]

Love or true love is the highest thing one can give without asking or asking for anything in return. What defines unconditional love is that a person selflessly loves someone, cares about the happiness of others, and does everything to help that person feel happy without expecting anything back. Love means loving someone for what he is, who he is and what he will be, not for what he was or what you have done or are doing. [Sources: 4, 5]

Love is to give love without expecting or even bothering to give it back. If one formulates the definition of unconditional love in this way, there is no doubt that this kind of love exists, but only in the most basic sense of the word. [Sources: 4]

When you think of unconditional love, what comes to mind first when you think about it? When your car comes to a sudden stop on the highway, you don’t love it any more than when it comes to a sudden stop on the highway. [Sources: 4, 8]

Only the love of a family member can truly be described as pure love, and the best unconditional love quotations are those from close-knit families. These quotations about unconditional love will remind you to pursue them, to find them in you and for you. [Sources: 1, 8]

Once you find a lifelong bond with someone, you know when you meet someone who loves you unconditionally, and you feel ready to be vulnerable with them. [Sources: 1]

When you reach this stage, it is important to know exactly what unconditional love is and what it means to you. Read on and be inspired by some of the best unconditional love quotes from the world’s most famous writers and artists. [Sources: 1, 2]

Unfortunately, most people believe in common misconceptions about unconditional love, which tend to complicate the decision-making process for all of us. [Sources: 2]

If unconditional love means supporting your partner, no matter what happens to him, it does not mean that he should take advantage of that love. Far too many people think it means staying with one person for the rest of their lives, which they do. They think true love means overlooking everything their partner does and never giving up. [Sources: 2]

Codependence is a state in which a person feels happy in a relationship but has lost his or her personal identity and is no longer independent of another party in the relationship. [Sources: 2]

Unconditional love is based on freedom and compassion and means that one really cares about the feelings and well-being of the other – about being. It’s not just about who you serve, but it actually means that the few things you will dislike about your partner are perfectly normal. When you have boundaries with your significant other, you find it hard to tell them No, you experience codependence, not unconditional love. [Sources: 2, 3]











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